Frequently Asked Questions.


The BBS is up and running. Access it using SyncTerm for your platform at telnet://bbs.zzap.org/.
Note: Using your default telnet client from within your web browser will probably give substandard results. I recommend downloading SyncTerm and adding 'bbs.zzap.org' as a telnet address in there, and using that.

Owner of the Site

Q. Can I buy zzap.org/.net from you?
A. zzap.org is not for sale. zzap.net and other domains are not for sale unless someone offers me a very high price and a good reason why they want it.

Q. Where can I find your CV/personal contact details?
A. Please e-mail the owner of the site and make sure you state your genuine credentials when doing so. I'm not trying to be unreasonable about this but I get a lot of phishing attempts, like most people with a public e-mail address. I also don't like to publish this sort of information on-line as it results in lots of extra unsolicited junk mail, phone calls etc.


Q. You didn't answer my email. Why?
A. Many possibilities. Most likely, I missed it as I was too busy, which has happened a lot in recent years. It's also possible that your email has been caught by the spam filter and discarded.

Q. My email to you bounced! What can I do?
A. Check out the bounce message and find out! If it's a legitimate email, and there is some sort of system error, please try again in a day or two. I am not an ISP and have other things to do, so occasionally things may go down.

Q. Please do not report my IP block for spam.
A. I don't generally report IP blocks (or anything else) for spam unless they are causing some sort of fairly serious headache, like stopping me from using my email or internet connection. This has not happened in a very long time. However, I do filter incoming email, like just about everyone else on the Internet now.

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